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Every start-up needs some form of capital in order to effectively build and grow its business. However, not every start-up can raise venture capital or other forms of external funding. Even if it can raise external funds, the timing matters and promoters should not devote excess time in sourcing funds through options that have low probability of yielding benefits.

At Nucleus Partners, our job is to assess the business models thoroughly and advise appropriate fund raising options.

Investment Pitch

A start-up investment pitch has various crucial elements, viz. relevant team background, effective description of product or service, highlighting its USPs, presenting accomplishments till date, sharing industry overview, explaining addressable market size, laying out competitive landscape and differentiating it from its competitors, showcasing growth plans with various product, service or financial milestones, effective go-to-market strategy, presenting robust financial plan with effective utilization of capital, giving clarity on possible exit options for investors at a certain ROI among other things.

At times start-up promoters fail to effectively communicate their business plan due to lack of technical skills or resources. Even if they are capable of doing it, it is always good to have an independent review from experienced professionals before reaching out to investors because any failed attempt would mean losing an opportunity to get funds from the investor forever.

At Nucleus Partners, we provide full assistance in preparing or strengthening the investment pitch for targeted investors.

Investors Connect

At times a good start-up fails to get funding due to constrained access to potential investors. Most start-ups engage in cold calls or emails to investors without knowing about their investment preferences. These approaches might not always get the desired results.

At Nucleus Partners, we regularly interact with investors and are updated with their latest investment preferences. We share our insights with start-ups and help them manage their fund raising process efficiently.

Complete Assistance throughout Fundraising Process

A start-up has to discuss various areas while interacting with investors for fundraising. These areas include effectively answering various investors’ queries related to the sector or about the start-up.

At Nucleus Partners, we provide complete assistance to start-up promoters in explaining their business model, adjusting financial plan as per investors’ comfort, offering competitive business valuation based on various market benchmarks, negotiating and accepting right investment terms with investors, effectively managing the due diligence checklists given by investors, structuring an investment, finalizing shareholders’ agreement, etc.

Post Investment Support

After raising funds, a start-up immediately starts working towards its growth plans. Apart from building the team, strengthening its product or service and aggressive marketing, a start-up needs to manage other financial tasks as well.

At Nucleus Partners, we support start-up management to keep a continuous check on their finances, periodically update their investors about the performance, and prepare itself for further fund raising rounds in an efficient manner.