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Mergers & Acquisitions


Scouting Companies for M&A

Business Valuation

Transaction Documentation

Transaction Structuring

Due Diligence

Deal Negotiation

Managing Q&A between Parties

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our team works closely with clients in navigating the complexities of acquiring or selling a business. Our interests are directly linked to clients’ interest and we know that the acquisition or sale of a business cannot be concluded unless both parties feel that they have achieved an equitable result.

We focus on M&A deals in the lower to mid-market (companies with annual revenue of INR 100 million to INR 5,000 million) and provide Buy-side as well Sell-side end-to-end M&A advisory services.

We advise on a gamut of transactions ranging from developing a workable strategy, conducting comprehensive due diligence through execution and post deal integration. We leverage our global relationships, experience and expertise in managing complex transactions for our clients.

Sell Side Advisory

We carefully understand seller’s requirements, prepare relevant sales pitch documents, conduct business valuation and determine an ask price for the business, identify and reach-out to potential buyers, manage Q&A between both the parties, assist in negotiation by giving reference to relevant industry benchmarks, manage due diligence, and structure a transaction.

Buy Side Advisory

We carefully understand and analyze buyer’s requirements, advise on appropriate acquisition strategy, identify and reach-out to suitable targets, critically evaluate seller’s business and ensure that it fits well with buyer’s acquisition strategy, manage Q&A between both the parties, value seller’s business with relevant industry benchmarks, assists in negotiation, manage due diligence, and structure a transaction.