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Financial modelling using financial projections is a critical aspect while developing business plans, conducting business valuations and preparing plans for internal strategies. We develop detailed financial models along with a well-structured business plan to showcase a compelling investment opportunity to potential investors.

Validating financial projections is a key aspect that requires thorough analysis of financial model inputs and results. The purpose of validating is to ensure viability of key financial variables, stability of financial results, matching financial results with expectations and so on.

Our team is proficient in validating financial projections, ensuring consistency and setting a strong foundation for decision-making by senior management. We undertake analysis of financial trends and extensive industry research to establish strong assumptions for financial projections and guiding the clients as to the reasonability of any assumptions. We also conduct competitor benchmarking and an in-depth analysis of their business models, product segments and financials.

Assessing reasonableness of cost and revenue projections:

Expected future cash flows (cash inflow and outflow) play a very crucial role in understanding business.
Its reasonableness depends on various factors such as –

  1. Growth trends and expectations (seasonal or continued)
  2. Predicted sales margin for different years
  3. Technology or labor estimates,

If the costs are more than the revenues then start-ups need to explain valid reasons for the losses and provide justifications backed by valid and reasonable assumptions to turn it profitable.We help clients negotiate price reductions, reduce fixed costs and reassess the business model to move to the next stage in their growth cycle.

Financial modeling with scenario analysis

Financial modelling uses historical as well as projected financial figures for assessing a business’ performance. With the help of scenario analysis, different performance possibilities and alternatives can be incorporated into the financial models. These models help in projecting future performance taking into consideration the uncertainties.

Scenario analysis helps in evaluating the expected value of proposed investments. We, at Nucleus Partners, try to comprehend a venture’s potential risk, analyze multiple estimates and check the probability of each scenario. This helps to forecast the value of a business.

Our firm combines expertise and experience in understanding our client’s business to develop financial projections that reflect their financial strength and help them in managing their business and improved decision making. We help client assess their cost and revenue projections and subsequently develop financial models with in-built functionality for scenario testing.