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Business Plan


Start-up founders and SMEs need a sound and efficient business plan that provides relevant insights about the business model and its strengths, highlighting the attractiveness of the target market / target customer segment, presenting the marketing strategies to increase awareness of the value proposition, highlighting the composition and background of the team and projecting financial performance. A comprehensive business plan must convince the investors to invest by showcasing any of its competitive advantage like intellectual property rights, exclusive licenses, marketing and distribution among many other things.

Investors see several pitch decks and business plans every day, and that is where we help our clients differentiate from others. We help startups and SMEs prepare for presentation and other financial services that enable them to successfully present their business to potential investors.

We, at Nucleus Partners, help create:

  1. Information Memorandum that includes exhaustive coverage of investment plan and strategy
  2. Developing in-depth pitch books for presentation to investors and other strategic partners
  3. Industry trends and Future Outlook
  4. Competitor Analysis
  5. Projecting Financials with relevant business drivers
  6. Structuring Business Story

Our team caters to the needs of our clients and has an edge in understanding the industry and competition so that a comprehensive plan can be prepared. Even if the industry is new, or if the product is yet to be tested, we build relevant & realistic assumptions around it with comprehensive scenario testing. For a robust plan, adequate time and energy is invested to present exponential growth in the target industry. Preparing a successful plan followed with proper implementation determines the success of an entrepreneurial venture.

We conduct meticulous competitor analysis to determine their strengths and weaknesses and build strategies that provide a distinct competitive advantage. We also analyze the market and set clear objectives which is further used to develop Financial Projections to allocate resources efficiently.