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8 November, 2016, shall be marked as the day when the largest democracy in the world declared 86% of its currency base as dead. INR 500 and 1000 notes were declared useless. By this sole move, the Gov

Undoubtedly, the centre of economic gravity is slowly shifting. Although the United States is still the biggest and most important economy in the world, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago are accompani

Market researcher eMarketer has cut its growth projection for Indian e-commerce from 75% to 55.5% for the calendar year 2016. Four months after forecasting a 75% increase in Indian e-commerce in calen

Deal volume in fintech space falls 40% to nine deals in July-September from the same period a year ago Despite the buzz around start-ups working on financial technologies (fintech), investors global

Govt policies, capital assistance from corporates, guidance from academics and sheer brilliance of Indian entrepreneurs can create the secret sauce for unleashing the true potential of our start-up ec

A good business plan does not guarantee funding but definitely increases the chances for a start- up to get funded. Start-ups, which are getting a new momentum in our ecosystem, have a need to develop

  Indian startup raised $1.7 billion from investors. On an average, we’ve reported at least two startup fundings per day between January and February 2015. Last year in Q1, startups in India

Start-up Financing is not just about raising funds, it is a holistic process that involves proper business planning with thoughtful growth targets, deciding business valuation as per the current marke

Weak business models and a funding slowdown are forcing many Indian consumer Internet start-ups and their venture capital (VC) backers to seek help from investment bankers in order to secure fresh fun

The Indian startup ecosystem is being propelled by a 123 per cent rise in the country’s active investor count,  IT industry body NASSCOM and Zinnov Consulting said in a new report. “Number of ac

With the growth of the Internet, digital commerce, digital advertising, payments and social media have also seen steady growth over the past year. The number of Internet users in India rose 32% last

With a surfeit of money available, venturecapital funds are competing for seed deals, erasing long-held distinctions in the world of startup investing. Seed funding, typically the earliest investment

The first $1 million raised is critical to cement a startup’s foundation and the basis on which future funding rounds will be built. Even as RedBus was being sold to Ibibo for Rs 600 crore in July

Early stage investors such as Sequoia Capital, Kalaari Capital, Helion Venture Partners, Nexus Venture Partners and Accel Partners, among others, are increasingly running checks on the personal lives

It may seem counterintuitive, but too much participation can ruin your crowdsourcing efforts. Focus on careful curation rather than a cattle call. Even the best companies have blind spots. It m

Hedge funds and mutual funds are flocking to the market's hottest corner, paying 15 to 18 times projected sales in private-funding rounds, fuelling talks of dot-com like crash. A flood of money from

Bhavish Aggarwal’s 12% stake in the country's largest taxi booking company Ola, which is valued at $1.4 billion, is worth $168 million. For founders of high-growth Indian startups, less is more rew

Mondelez International makes $34 billion worth of chocolate, biscuits, gum and candy. But, as the world discovered about 10 days ago, it can also make entrepreneurs. Betabox a service startup founded

Octane, today, released the 5th edition of its Annual India e-Marketing Study. The Study captures key trends on how online marketing in India has changed over the last 4 years (2011 - 2014) and predic

With rapid development across the country, India has witnessed the emergence of a well-entrenched mall culture over the past decade. However, there are several malls in the country which are faring le